food supply chain blockchain

Food Supply Chain: Blockchain may be the Future.

Food Supply Chain: Blockchain may be in the near future of restaurants Blockchain has been a popular buzzword in and out of the food industry in recent years. While we usually equate the technology with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it holds promise for several other applications outside the financial world. Restaurant chains and grocery stores see […]

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fall cocktails recipes

Fall Cocktails on Your Menu? Try This Recipe!

Fall Cocktails on Your Menu? By: Kim Haasarud: October 10, 2018 More “culinary” inspired drinks, including new fall cocktails, are hitting the menus, meaning cocktails that incorporate culinary techniques such as infusions, jams, chutneys, sauces, gastriques, etc. So often, the beverage program is an after-thought and does not work in synergy with the kitchen and chefs. […]

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burrito making - foodborne illness risk reduction

Is your restaurant prepared for a foodborne illness outbreak?

Foodborne Illness In The Industry It was recently announced that Chipotle has tapped Zenput software to ensure food safety standards are upheld in their restaurants. The Zenput software will allow Chipotle Corporate to monitor and audit restaurant operations remotely. They’re also planning on improving restaurant operations by including food safety protocols through the deployment of […]

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