Sarah Steil restaurant logo and branding

Born with keen observational skills, immense focus and a tendency to be highly sensitive to the needs of others, Sarah spent much of her early free time exploring and interacting with countless “visually complex stuff” found in her nearby grandparents’ home just a few blocks away. Her regular activities included polishing the silver, trimming Grandpa’s hair while he watched the golf game, decorating petit fors with Grandma and making family greeting cards from ‘left over’ materials. Now, she uses these skills to create effective, fresh brands including the coveted restaurant logo, color palette, typography, and brand voice.

All of these fed her curiosity and sense of purpose (not to mention keeping me at a reasonably low irritant level for aging individuals), while building a lifetime bond with these immensely important people. She uses these experience to create impactful and visually-engaging brands.

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