Discover how RLG helps you maintain food safety to keep guests healthy.

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food safety means brand safety

Food safety inside the restaurant is the last step to assure customer, staff and financial health. It is never too early to establish the vision needed to protect your brand. Getting started sooner rather than later will eliminate surprises. With over 20 years working in public health (health departments) and private industry (over 200 regional and national chains), our experts know how to take food safety from being an intangible liability to a tangible asset.

We delight our clients by demystifying food safety. From farm to fork is our scalable and sustainable program value proposition; our cost-effective solution is your one-stop shop that will protect your brand and let you sleep at night.


risk assessment

gap analysis & recommendations

food safety inspection

crisis management plan development

foodborne illness investigation

food safety data analysis

pest company data analysis

health department inspection analysis

bi-annual food safety business review

quarterly food safety audit

quality assurance audit

bi-annual food safety training

health department liaison

food safety log and Self-inspection

bench-marking against industry

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